How Does The Process Of Air Freight Work?

In today’s world, transporting goods from one place to another has become quite easy due to different means of transportation. One such way to transport goods from one country to another is through air. People opt for this particular mode of transport mostly because goods are delivered pretty quickly, however, with all the benefits that comes with air transportation, one should forget about the air freight clearance of customs as well. Let’s talk about more about air freight process. 

Advantages of choosing Air Freight 

When you are looking forward to move goods from one place to another in the quickest way, air transportation is your option. Let’s discuss the advantages that come with choosing this option. 

  1. Less Warehousing Need

Air shippers are those who are usually on a very strict and tight schedule and are required to only maintain a small level of inventory which is why there isn’t much of a need to pay for extra warehousing capacity. This as a result reduces the cost of the company. 

  1. Safety

One of the biggest benefit that comes with air freight transportation is the fact that it provides with extra safety which wouldn’t be provided in any other means of transportation. The security staff tightly monitors and controls that airports, there are very less chances of any risk of theft of the goods that are being transported. Not only air transportation brings in the benefit of reduction in risk of theft but it also gives another benefit of providing your goods safely without any damages to you. 

  1. Greater Service Area

Companies that offer the facility of air freight are known to have a big network of contacts with airlines that provides the services for transporting goods both domestically and internationally. This allows the customers to purchase from you from any part of the world hence, increasing your market share as well.  

  1. Capacity Access

The frequency of commercial flights is very regular which makes them consistent to be able to meet their commitments towards the customer satisfaction by delivering goods on time. If any flight is missed, one shouldn’t worry as the freight can still deliver by other options.  

  1. Delivery Times

The best thing that comes with choosing the air freight option is the fact that there are a number of delivery time options. Some of them are mentioned below; 

  • Same day or next flight out: if there are most urgent shipments, one should opt for this particular delivery option which provides the goods to be delivered the same day. 
  • Next day air: goods are delivery by the end of the next working day in this option. 
  • Second day air: if cost and time needs to be balanced, this is your option to go to as the goods are delivered on second business day through this option. air-freight

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