Emergence Of Video Walls

Technology is advancing very rapidly nowadays. Variety of technology has been introduced nowadays which have made our life much easier than before. It has advanced to the extent that now we don’t even need to go to the market to buy groceries and other stuff.

One of the recent technology which is emerging day by day is a video wall. Most of the people are unaware of this new emerging technology. By name, it may look like a screen used to display video or graphic but it is more than this. It is a multi-purpose device. It has the nature to attract people towards itself gaining all the attention. The visual designs are quite incredible. It cannot be compared to any other technology because of its amazing features. Since they are based on a large screen area, it makes the place look more happening. A video wall is a multiple monitor setup that consists of computer monitors, television sets and a video projector all tiled together or overlapped to form one large screen. Isn’t it amazing?

The screen of a video wall has narrow edges which minimize the gap between multiple monitor, projector, and television. Such video walls Australia contain all the hardware which are necessary to process a similar screen together. A video wall has several advantages over a large screen. They have a simple installation procedure as well as have more pixels are a larger resolution. They produce multiple outputs at a single time as well as have a 3D support. They also provide customized tile layout, greater pixel density and greater screen area per unit cost. Video walls are bow found in control rooms, large stadiums, and other public places. They are not used for a single purpose but has its usage in dozens of applications. It is now expected that the video wall market will soon be doubled. The resolution of video walls is quite acceptable because of the density of pixel counts. The picture gets clearer as the pixel count increases. Hence, there is nothing to worry about the massive images which need to be displayed, because no other display wall can do it better than video walls.

There are conventional video walls used for security purposes, media house, digital advertising, meeting and conference rooms, lecture halls and telecommunications. There is also an artistic/mosaic video wall which is designed in an irregular pattern at different angles which allow rotation at any angle with flexibility.

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