Keeping Your Kitchen Clutter Free

Having a messy kitchen is going to make a person less productive in the kitchen. A cluttered kitchen is going to make it harder to find things. Most people tend to stuff things during a busy day and plan to clean it up later, but in most cases, this later barely comes into play, thus leading to a clutter-free kitchen.1. Do the dishes right after eatingDoing the dishes right after eating makes it easier to clean it, sure it can seem easier to put it away, but it’s only going to be more exhausting to clean it later on. At the least, you should clean up the dishes before you sleep so that you can wake up to a cleaner kitchen.2. Keep only the essentials on the countertopsPlace only the essentials like the coffee machine, toaster, mixer, blender etc. on the kitchen countertops. Keep the rest of the items inside to avoid cluttering. You should also avoid purging, if you haven’t used the item in the past 5 years, it’s highly unlikely that you would be using it anytime soon.3. Have a junk drawerHave a specific drawer to stuff all your junk, this way, you can put all the takeout menus, bottle openers and other kitchen utensils in this drawer. This would help minimize the cluttering in the other areas of the kitchen as well.4. Use containersDon’t keep anything within its packaging, put everything into the container instead if you don’t have space in the storage cupboard. You can get something like a 30ml amber bottle from the store to store the items in an orderly way.5. Remove old items when you get new onesIf you plan on getting something new, make sure that you get rid of something old from the kitchen. You tend to maintain a much more organized kitchen this way, thus preventing the kitchen from appearing to be stuffy.6. 

Pour grease into separate jarsAvoid pouring grease into a sink, this would make it much more difficult to clean the sink, lead to sink clogging and cause other plumbing issues. Pour the grease into something like a great glass bottles and throw it elsewhere instead of a sink to avoid this issue.Always leave the kitchen in a better state than it was before. Wipe any stains present in the kitchen immediately. Furthermore, try to limit your children’s access to the kitchen or teach them to keep things in order in the kitchen. Children can easily mess up a perfectly good kitchen and cause the place to clutter up fast.