Ways To Stop Bullying

Bullying has become a major problem in schools at present. Bullying can create serious negative effects on students, which lead them to stress, depression and even suicide. A child always expects to be accepted by society so that he could make friends, socialize and stay happy. However, some students may not accept others as they are, making fun of family backgrounds and any physical or mental flaws in them. So here are some of the things you could do to stop bullying in school.

  • Learn to deal with him
    Once youve learnt how to deal with him, he will not be a mental stress for you anymore. The easiest you could do is walk away. A bully will get his satisfaction when you are affected by it. If you dont really care and walk away, they wont be interested in bullying you anymore. You could also walk towards a teacher or superior who doesnt put up with bullying. The guys will surely get scared and take off. Yet if it does not stop, you need to someone who will help you in stopping the bullying. A teacher, counselor or principal will be able to help surely. You could take a stand for yourself and look him in the eye and tell him to stop. Bullies feed off weak personalities and if you show some strength, they will no longer bully you. Dont wait until you are thrown against the sports lockers for sale to take action.
  • Help someone being bullied
    If you arent the victim, it doesnt mean you could simply look away. You need to take necessary action immediately and help him out. Waiting can lead to bigger damage and regretting later can be the worst. So, ask the bully to stop it at once. If you cant intervene alone, get help from an adult. Tell the teachers or counselors about any bullying you witnessed at the lockers Melbourne, playground, gym etc. so that they could look into it later on. Sometimes the matter could get serious where a weapon is involved, the victim receives death threats, sexual abuse etc. In such matters, you might want to inform the police and other security authorities.
  • Set an example
    Of course we all have instances where we feel like making fun of someones hair or dress. However, you need to stop if you feel so. Be nice to others as they are all your school mates. Know that each person has their own personal problems, different backgrounds and traits. You need to be able to accept them for who they are. Spread the word that bullying needs to stop so that a culture against bullying is created.